A bit about me

After years of spending time at a plethora of companies, I’ve recently landed in the Strategic Engagements team within the TED (Technology, Evangelism, and Development) group within Microsoft. A group where we get to play with an array of interesting technologies, help different types of customers, and generally have fun getting things done. Prior to this, I found my way into Microsoft via the acquisition of Skype. It has been an interesting ride.

Professionally, I’ve worked for big names like Netscape and Nokia. I’ve played the role of early (sometimes first) engineer at startups like Zetta, IronKey, Snapfish where often I was responsible for building things that ranged from embedded applications through Windows Server native apps to all things Unix and web services. Over the years, I’ve also mentored and consulted with a myriad of startups to help them get off the ground.

I’m a computer guy who has gotten lazy over the years. Most of my work is performed on a MacBook Pro because of Unix and no XF86Config file. This blog is hosted on a FreeBSD VM through rootbsd.net. For day to day activities I really like things that just work. When developing applications and tipping up services, if there is a decent tool, yes please. The world today is much different than when I started working with computers. Though, some might argue Unix really hasn’t changed that much.

In my spare time - gardening, biking (mountain and road), surfing, live music, and history are interests of mine. Living in Santa Cruz allows me to indulge many of these interests locally. World class surf breaks, mountain roads for exploring on two wheels, a rich local history, and amazing bands that come through are draws that keep me here. UC Santa Cruz lured me here for undergrad, I completed my Masters, and just never really left.

Unique, it seems, in the computer industry, I am a Bay Area native.

I am a member of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus, Branciforte 1797 chapter.